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Secure Microsoft 365 Maximize your investment with Microsoft 365 options that are secure by default. Managed Microsoft 365 Maximize your investment with Microsoft 365 options that are secure by default. Secure Managed Services Elevate your game with 24×7 technical support and security services. This is a feature that already exists on the Xbox Series X|S, and has now made it’s way onto Windows 11.

  • Keeping screenshots is a great way for gathering evidence, making archives, and using them later for any documentation or personal collection.
  • Remember the nasty Meltdown and Spectre security bugs.
  • Rather, it lets the system access download drivers the data more efficiently and improves the overall performance of the equipment.

Create an email message from your authorized email address and attach the MOBI or PDF file files that you downloaded in the “Purchasing and Downloading an eBook” section above. On previous versions of Calibre, you have to manually enter the ASIN for all of your downloaded books. However, the latest edition fixes the issue automatically. Offers a solution to users who want to convert multiple EPUB book files into PDF format. If it is not, click on “Add a new approved e-mail address” and add the personal email address that you claim books from Prolific Works with here. When you’ve downloaded the program, find it on your computer (usually you should be able to find it in your “Downloads” folder).

Why do we need to defrag Windows OS?

Regular defrags are very important if you want to keep your PC running at its best capacity. Ciprian Adrian Rusen is a Microsoft MVP and Windows expert. His blog has more than 1.3 million monthly readers who look to him for insight into technology in general and Windows in particular. The process may take a couple of minutes to finish because it includes several optimization passes. By checking this box, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from, which may include marketing promotions, news and updates.

SSD is able to read data scattered across hard drives as fast as reading data that are adjacent to each other. Meanwhile, defragging SSDs will cause unnecessary wear and tear and it will reduce their life span. And don’t worry if you’re not sure whether you have an SSD or an HDD.

Windows 11 upgrade vs clean install: Here’s the difference

The file systems metadata keeps track of fragments and can only keep track of so many. Defragmentation in cases like this is not only useful, but absolutely needed. Therefore, it totally depends upon the size of your hard disks. Eradicating or deleting the unwanted files will impact the speed of the process hence there will be less files to adjust and the process will take less time to complete. So, let’s say a drive of 1GB of memory and 500GB in a hard drive which has not been defragged before will probably take upto an hour to 90 minutes.

Works with HDD and SSD and supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems! It differs from other defrag tools on the market, by enabling you to quickly and simply defrag the files you want to, without having to process the whole drive. You can defrag only if the computer is idle for a definite time, so Defraggler does not slow down the computer if you work on more important tasks.